Melissa is the first full-time contributor to A Life Un-Styled and writes the 'a plate of beautiful' posts on the last Friday of  every month. 

Hi, I’m Melissa and welcome to a snippet of my un-styled life. Most mornings you can find me walking in the sunshine (or wind...Wellington) with a coffee in one hand, and my gorgeous toddler in the other. I also love spending my days in a kitchen that is way too small for the commercial-sized cooking sessions I have. What got me here? My love of food! Cooking, photography and eating are my top 3 hobbies so to be able to indulge in this as work (and play) is a blessing. I’m not your traditional whole-foodie or health blogger. And I’m not about to give you nutritional advice. Having FUN with food is what I’m about. Allowing people to see through my images how exciting and beautiful healthy food can really be makes me so happy.

I aim to keep it simple; nothing (too) complicated and no exotic, mysterious ingredients that are too hard to track down. With a few of the right staple ingredients simple, whole-food is at your fingertips. Enjoy x

find Melissa on Instagram at melk_with2sugars or get in touch via email


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