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I'm Vanisha, the 28 year old blogger behind A Life Un-Styled. My husband Patrick and I are originally from Fiji, but often live and work across various countries. You're likely to find us in Australia, New Zealand and Fiji. I have a PhD from the Australian National University and work as a freelance research consultant. Patrick holds a PhD from the University of Queensland and is an academic at the University of Otago in Dunedin. Together we set-up a consultancy firm Making Connections Fiji, which I run and manage.

When I'm not blogging at the Making Connections Fiji blog, or working on children and young people's issues in the Pacific you'll find me here talking about the children's reading space which I helped set up, our adventures buying land in Fiji, or just about enjoying married life our way. There's a real mix of things, from interviewing Waris Dirie about Female Genital Mutilation, discussing my issues with Infertility or just the mundane, everyday things like getting a tattoo (I have one, Patrick has some), hanging out in the kitchen or just talking about shoesIn the beginning takes you through the journey that this blog and I have been on and I think is a fun place to start. 


This blog is that comfortable messy lounge you walk into and feel at home in. A space where less is more, where we pick quality over quantity and style over fashion. It's a space where we share family, travel, joys, tears and frustrations. It's an interactive space. Remember when I told you I found out I couldn't have children, and you told me that it would be okay? Or when you reached out to Skype, and I said any time! You know, that kinda place. 

written by Shannon Cant - Graphic Designer 
The tagline 'inspire, connect, interact' on Vanisha's logo reflects the strong community that surrounds Vanisha's online presence. Her aim is to inspire and be inspired while connecting and interacting with her community. 

The logo design is Vanisha's very own passport stamp The stamp shape alludes to the fact that Vanisha has travelled a great deal over the years and has lived a full, unique life. The idea was to broaden the concept behind her brand so as Vanisha herself is the key focus, rather than the location she currently resides in. 

The use of the flowing script was chosen specifically to reflect Vanisha's femininity and style, complementing the shapes of the letters in her name. And anyone, who has ever received a handwritten note or letter from her knows that her handwriting follows a similar flowing script. 

Perhaps the logo could also be seen from a readers perspective: once you visit Vanisha's blog, you receive her personalised stamp on your web browser history. And what a delightful place to visit on your internet wanderings. 


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