The PhD

A large part of my life here in Canberra is the work that I'm doing. 

I am currently in the process of writing up my thesis!

The Experiences and Pathways of Discontinuing School Children in Fiji
Fiji is struggling with the issue of children leaving school prematurely. About 15 per cent of Fiji’s children do not complete the full eight years of primary education. Children are discontinuing schooling at early stages, with those starting primary school often leaving before class five. I will be exploring the issue of discontinuing schooling in Fiji using a phenomenological, child-centred approach, placing children at the core of the research process. It is important that the real experiences of children are not lost in a plethora of statistics. By allowing these children to tell their stories, I hope to illustrate that behind these statistics are stories of human aspirations and needs, which are not captured in formal surveys and other studies conducted by international agencies.

When I'm not in Canberra, I'm out in the field. Talking to children. Listening to children. Watching children. And just learning. Just trying to tell their stories. 

If you're interested in the area or just the PhD process, you might like to read my PhD Thursdays series. I write about the challenges and joys and the realities of doing a doctoral degree. 

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