Where To From Here?

Monday, July 21, 2014

With 28 years and hundreds of humbling experiences done and dusted I'm at a loss. I can't help feeling that I should be doing something more. That I should be achieving more. Not in relation to anyone else but in relation to me. I set myself a lot of really challenging goals, somehow managed to achieve them all and now I struggle. For three years all I wanted was to successfully complete my PhD, be a mum and be engaged in meaningful work. I've done that - save the motherhood part, but that's beyond my control. I've carefully combed through my journals and notebooks, sorted through the goals I've had for myself over the years but I'm still left wondering - where to from here? The reassuring part in all of this is that I'm not being hard on myself. I have 'work' that keeps me happy and engaged, and just because it doesn't fit neatly into a career path doesn't make it any less important or authentic. It's my path, even though I don't always know where I'm going. All these paths seem to be leading to happiness and contentment, and that's not a bad direction to be headed in, is it? 

How about you, where to from here?


  1. I once read a line in a book that is kind of thoughtful, inspirational and depressing "Every accomplished ambition is a dream that is dying". It has always stuck with me.
    I don't think you'll have any trouble finding your way; I've never had a strict career path and things do just work out to suit sometimes.
    Sometimes these inbetween times are just steps to something else that isn't clear quite yet :)

  2. I think sometimes we think we should follow the norm and the conventional path but different roads can lead to happiness. And as you rightly said, ultimately, if it's contentment you want, there are several ways to reach it :) You've achieved an amazing amount in 28 years! Kudos to you lovely lady!

  3. Maybe it's okay to not know where to go from now and have a pause between goals to work towards to. I was in the same space after graduating from college and finding my first job. Graduating was my goal since I could remember and once that was done, I was lost. But it did give me time to just appreciate not having that pressure so I could find something I wanted to do, not just something I had to do. And now, I'm off to more creative endeavors!

    I hope that you find your next goal in the time that it comes naturally, as you seem like a very driven woman!

  4. I think that 28 is a very tricky age. It is a sort of in between place where we have mostly finished our studies and are beginning to settle into a career but, I think particularly for our generation, there is a feeling of needing constant growth and change, both personal and professional, that leads to this feeling of, "What's next?" I'm afraid I don't have an answer. For the last few years I've struggled with the idea that my day job is how I will spend the majority of my time for the next 30 years and knowing that is the way my life will be, despite the fact that it isn't my passion. I have managed to expand the way I pursue other passions in my down time but I still feel driven to change and expand and set new goals. It doesn't come from a lack of satisfaction with what I've done, but from a feeling that I could still do more, I think. I'm glad to know I'm not the only one :)

  5. Oh my. Your question, "where to from here?" really hits home right now myself. We are in the process of deciding to move back home and I'm at a major crossroads. There are so many things I want to do before we go, and I'm not sure if its worth the effort or money to do everything. Every day we talk and new thoughts emerge and new ideas take hold- do this, don't do this, do this first, do this later. So hard to keep track of it all. Sorry this sounds so vague! Hope you find some new tasks to keep you motivated!

  6. I've always been the type who prefers to not know where I'm going. I like the idea of unknown, organic transition and doing what feels right at the time. Have a beautiful day, sweetie. xoxo



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