Rethinking Gifts That Kids Give

Friday, July 25, 2014

One of the bests presents I feel I've bought Miss 10 has been the Creative Case, craft project in a box, from Canberra Creatives. Not only has it kept Miss 10 entertained but has taught her new skills, introduced her to new material and provided an alternative way of creating that's not Minecraft. It's been fun to get involved with as a family too, how can you not get involved when you see sculpting clay or resin? (see our Creative Case adventures here)

A colourful Mother's Day card for Miss 10's mum made from material received in a Creative Case

All this creating has also meant she been able to think differently about gift giving. Her mum recently visited and instead of rushing out to the shops to buy something Miss 10 made her mum a lovely clay bowl from one of her saved up Creative Cases and a card from the contents of yet another Creative Case. We've built up our own little craft box with the bits and pieces that have remained from all our Creative Cases. It really has been a gift that keeps giving.

Miss 10 made this clay bowl for her mum from one of the Creative Cases we received

I'm now all for encouraging Miss 10 to make presents instead of buying them. She puts so much thought into picking out presents from shops but it can get tricky when you have people who are a little more 'difficult' (hello Auntie Vanisha). As horrible as it may sound, store bought pieces (even those lovingly chosen by Miss 10 and Patrick) will find themselves in the donate pile if they don't 'fit' my lifestyle. I'm looking at the sentence and it does sound terrible but when you're moving towards minimising and trying to live more intentionally I find it difficult to hang onto items purely for sentimental reasons. Handmade gifts on the other hand, regardless of how flawed or impractical, always find a spot in my box of treasures. Either that, or something directly from my wishlist wouldn't go astray ;) 

How do you respond to gifts from children? Do you keep them all?
Are you a 'difficult' person to shop for? 


  1. I think handmade presents and cards are the best thing ever --- problem is, I don't have a creative bone in my body apart from maybe for writing. My sister on the other hand, is very creative {she's the mastermind behind my blog header and logo}. For our parents' 25th wedding anniversary a few years ago, she created a mosaic painting of the two of them as a gift from both of us. I was thankful to be lumped in on it because for the life of me, I wouldn't have been able to create anything! :D

  2. I love handmade, I have a box of Tamika's artworks from when she was a baby/toddler/child. Justin knows my fav gift is photos. Dad jokes all he has to do is either buy me something for the garden or something vintage. So I think if you know me I am easy to buy for.

  3. I must admit that i am a difficult person to shop for. But i do love handmade gifts and always keep them. I need to get my hands on this box, maybe it'll teach me to play

    xo Stephanie

  4. I don't have children but having been one myself long ago, I always did appreciate it more when my folks got me presents that allowed me to make things. They are just way more fun. Now that I'm an adult and I'm the one giving my folks presents, I always go for consumables or things that won't create clutter. My mom, luckily, loves the spa so instead of another addition to her giant closet, I get her gift cards so she can have something to experience than to have. My dad, however, is a minimalist and will wear out clothes like no one else. So I do replenish his stock of socks and undershirts.

  5. I love handmade gifts, and I love he idea of gifts that encourage creativity. This is such a great topic, I know it is so easy to be caught up with "things" and it is nice to be reminded, and especially to remind young people, that the thought and process can be so much more important and rewarding that recieving stuff. I will definitely be keeping these hinge in mind with my niece and nephew.

    Zoe xx

  6. This is a great idea! It is so easy to stick kids in front of a tv or on an ipad to entertain them and I think it is a shame that so many kids miss out on hands on, creative activities. When I was little, my mum always did stuff with us. I remember baking and making cards like that one and making our own play dough out of flour - it was great, I got to make the playdough which was fun and then play with it which was fun too.

    Wouldn't mind my own creative case! :)

  7. Kids are always creative, and they had great imagination on grafting and drawing. just let them be~ Online Baby Shop

  8. Be frankly, I would very appreciated every single gifts that from my little kids, which means, they are real thankful of their parent.....



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